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The sites listed below all have two things in common, they are charitable organizations dedicated to protection our environment and they only ask that you "click" to create a donation.

The sites do have their differences in how your clicks translate into resources. In general, you click some place on the site and either you are shown ads and the revenue from the ads goes to a charity, or there are sponsors who pledge to pay or donate to the charity based on the number of clicks generated. So it costs you nothing but time.

Let's Get Started!

Go Green at Care2Help Fight Global Warming. Click the Reduce 1 pound of carbon button every day. For every click, our partner, TerraPass will reduce one pound of carbon dioxide emissions by funding clean energy and efficiency projects, such as wind farms.  Go
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I Heart RainForestsRACE FOR THE RAIN FOREST AND NEW SITES: Click FREE to save habitat! Note our TWO new habitats! One Click A Day helps save them all: Marine Wetlands, American Prairie or Rain Forest!  Go
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The Environment Site Org

To help protect the environment at no cost to yourself simply click the button below. Our system only allows you to click once per day so bookmark this page and come back everyday to do your part. All money raised goes to the Surrey Wildlife Trust. Registered charity number: 201823   Go
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The Rainforest SiteWhen you click, we display ads from our site sponsors. 100% of the money from these advertisers goes to our charity partners, who fund programs to provide food to the hungry. Our store gives a portion of every purchase to our charity partners.   Go
Comment on this Website from German) Through your clicking the "Stop!" Button support in the following project to protect the rain forest: Click your support initiatives that are targeted actions and such erroneous information in the future to prevent.   Go
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Ecology Fund
Donating land to an EcologyFund project is as easy as clicking a button, but your opportunity to preserve wilderness doesn’t stop there. Whether you use the web to shop, search, get news, download software or look for free offers, come to EcologyFund first, and you can donate wilderness land (in some cases over 1,000 square feet per offer) just by doing these everyday things:   Go
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Click for the Forest
Thank you for your click. You have helped to preserve 2.75 square decimetres of old growth forest. Please click every day and tell a friend about us.   Go
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JoGoGreenAnswer the green questions below. For each 10 correct answers, we will plant one tree in a deforested area of Africa. Together we can save the world.   Go
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Conservation InternationalSending a FREE Care2 eCard helps save the rainforest. For every eCard sent, Care2 makes a domation to an envionmental nonprofit to save a rainforest.   Go
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